Noisebox: a connected music box

A friend came up with a brilliant hack during Hack Day Paris: the Noisebox. Last Christmas, I offered one to my girlfriend, watch the video:

Today, like many other, I listen my music digitally, I forgot about albums and cd players. And thanks to streaming services I can listen instantly to every track I want from any device. That’s great. But like me, don’t you miss the sensation of having a small physical collection that represents something for you? that you picked, that your friend can look at when they visit, that you can re-discover from time to time, that is truly yours ? CDs are just here for technical reasons. Let’s just stay with the idea of objects. That’s what the box is all about. It simply plays music associated to objects. And more than CDs, these objects can really be unique, personal and sentimental.

Pierre build the hardware and I developed the server using NodeJS and MongoDB. I hope we will find time to publish more documentation and do a proper release of the project.

The Noisebox and its associated objects

Beansight selected for Le Camping

Le Camping logo

Great news for my startup project Beansight: we have been selected to be part of Le Camping. Le Camping is the first French tech startup accelerator program from Silicon Sentier.

Palais Brongniart

Beginning January the 4th, we will be working everyday with 11 other startups at the prestigious Palais Brongniart. We will be mentored by great mentors that have many different backgrounds (entrepreneurs & CEOs, tech, marketing, designers…)
Only 12 teams out of 164 have been selected to be part of the adventure. I think it is a great opportunity for us to be part of the program.

Because we now have a somewhat working platform our first work will be to polish the edges of our user experience and to focus on our core algorithm. I think we can expect an initial release at the end of January.
By the way, if you want to follow more closely my work at Beansight, I invite you to follow my labs.

Gifts between us – Cadeaux entre amis

I’ve been building a new small website in a couple of evenings with the help of Xavier: ( for the French version).

Here is a video presentation of the concept (in French):

It’s an original way of offering, between friends or with family: You get a present, you don’t know yet from who. We tell you to who you have to offer yours. In the end, everyone gets a present

I invite you to give it a try for Christmas and New Year. If it’s used enough, we may develop some new functionalities. Tell us what you think of this experiment in the comments of this post.

You can read more about how I made it in this article of the labs section of my site.

Apart from this very small side project, I’m currently working on my main project Beansight and on an online place for scuba divers. So stay tuned.

What's next?

In a couple of days, my job at Dassault Systèmes will come to an end. I finally took the decision to leave the company to entirely focus on personal projects.

I spent 6 months as an intern doing technological research: I developed a prototype for interactive painting and sculpting on 3D models. I learned a lot from research papers and from my mentor, Marc Helbling. I got more familiar with the concepts behind 3D edition software.

Then I joined the SwYm team as an employee for a year. SwYm is social web for companies, it is an online product aiming at changing the one-way relation companies have with their customers and employees. I was doing various front-end work, I lead the Wiki project and was responsible for Search related functionalities (and thus could more recently use Exalead technology). We were working in a very flexible environment comparing to other teams. Technologically speaking, the website used Javascript intensively for its dynamic layout, I learned a lot about this.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find motivation in my every day work, it’s hard to explain why but mostly because I didn’t share all the decisions. I had too much ideas for other projects in mind. I took the decision to leave the company and come back to a more uncertain life.

In the next months, I will focus on personal projects: websites, mobile apps, art… one thing at a time (because I suck at multi-tasking). I will blog my updates very regularly at (blog coming soon) and also post results here.

You will learn more on these projects very soon. I plan to adopt a very open working attitude, and I rely on you, my followers, my readers, to give me advice, feedback, ideas or even to join me. If you are curious, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter or to connect with me on the Internet.

If one project goes well, this adventure may lead to the creation of a company. But one thing is certain, for me, being entrepreneur is not having a twitter account and hacking on a website.