What's next?

In a couple of days, my job at Dassault Systèmes will come to an end. I finally took the decision to leave the company to entirely focus on personal projects.

I spent 6 months as an intern doing technological research: I developed a prototype for interactive painting and sculpting on 3D models. I learned a lot from research papers and from my mentor, Marc Helbling. I got more familiar with the concepts behind 3D edition software.

Then I joined the SwYm team as an employee for a year. SwYm is social web for companies, it is an online product aiming at changing the one-way relation companies have with their customers and employees. I was doing various front-end work, I lead the Wiki project and was responsible for Search related functionalities (and thus could more recently use Exalead technology). We were working in a very flexible environment comparing to other teams. Technologically speaking, the website used Javascript intensively for its dynamic layout, I learned a lot about this.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find motivation in my every day work, it’s hard to explain why but mostly because I didn’t share all the decisions. I had too much ideas for other projects in mind. I took the decision to leave the company and come back to a more uncertain life.

In the next months, I will focus on personal projects: websites, mobile apps, art… one thing at a time (because I suck at multi-tasking). I will blog my updates very regularly at labs.steren.fr (blog coming soon) and also post results here.

You will learn more on these projects very soon. I plan to adopt a very open working attitude, and I rely on you, my followers, my readers, to give me advice, feedback, ideas or even to join me. If you are curious, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter or to connect with me on the Internet.

If one project goes well, this adventure may lead to the creation of a company. But one thing is certain, for me, being entrepreneur is not having a twitter account and hacking on a website.